Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

     I have heard many times: “There is no such thing as a “Free Lunch”.  Frequently, offers are made to us that seem attractive.  Often, the cost to us is not made known, or is not easily understood.

     In a recent “Letter to the Editor” our local sheriff warned the public to “be cautious”, for there are various “scammers” contacting residents of the area.

     A large energy company has offered land owners attractive annual payments for the right to erect wind turbines on their property.  There is little information given as to the cost of such a project.  It is tempting to accept the offer of several thousand dollars annually, since the land owner is told that “only one acre will be used per turbine”.

     It appears many owners have signed contracts to lease their farm land for 50 to 90 years, without knowing, or duly considering, the “costs” of such an offer.  What are the costs of erecting these turbines, and where does the money come from to do so?  How long are these turbines likely to remain operative?  What will happen to these turbines when they quit working?  What side-effects of the erection process will be experienced?  Who pays for the road repairs destroyed in the construction process?  Who pays for the eminent domain transmission lines that were erected to support this project?

     The money comes from our federal and state taxes to construct the wind turbines, and repair the roads that are damaged during construction.  Our electric bills will be increased to cover the increased cost of producing the electricity by this much less efficient process.  “There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”!!!


Cloyce Coffman

Stewartsville, MO

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